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Auto Feeding & Cutting & Slotting Line

Application Scope

• SPC,WPC,LVT,Laminate
• Processing Length:900-1800mm
• Width:125-450mm
• Thickness:4-12mm

HAWK Provide

• Auto Feeding
• Multi Rip Saw
• Steering Machine
• Climbing & Turnover machine
• Slotting Line
• Turnover Machine


Brief Introduction

Hawk Machinery automatic feeding, cutting & slotting line, suitable for SPC, WPC and a series of PVC plastic floor. Hawk Machinery automatic feeding, cutting & slotting line synchronous speed, high processing accuracy, easy to use and operation, high production efficiency, the need for workers than the traditional can reduce 5-10 people.
The Hawk Machinery automatic feeding, cutting & slotting line is composed of gantry automatic feeding machine, roller conveyor, multi rip saw, steering conveyor, climbing flipping conveyor, lengthwise DET line and crosswise DET line. The board material is transported by the gantry automatic feeding machine, and the multi rip saw to cut the slices of the required specifications are transported. Then, after the steering conveyor, the plate turning machine enters the Slotting line for grooving processing. The synchronous operation of a set of production lines can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce manual participation.