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Plastic flooring how to become a “low-carbon environmental protection” forerunner

Although many flooring companies in the brand promotion of high-profile claims that they are “green”, “no formaldehyde” products, but in fact did not really do low-carbon environmental protection, the so-called “low-carbon”, “environmental protection” is a hype. “environmental protection” is a kind of hype. The so-called “low carbon” and “environmental protection” is a kind of hype. Although it fits the development of the times, people’s demand for low carbon and environmental protection life. But this is not in line with the national advocacy of low-carbon environmental protection policy, but also not conducive to better meet the market and consumer demand. Therefore, the overall flooring industry urgently needs to develop relevant environmental standards for effective regulation.

Industry insiders said: in recent years, the introduction of a series of national energy-saving and emission reduction policies, the real estate industry procurement of flooring will be biased towards new, low-carbon, environmentally friendly products. This choice of the real estate industry will, to a certain extent, accelerate the speed of not energy-saving, not environmentally friendly flooring materials out of the market, while promoting the development of the flooring industry to low-carbon environmental protection road, giving birth to a large number of low-carbon, environmentally friendly new flooring enterprises, the whole flooring industry will usher in a new era.

The environmental protection of the floor, the first reflected in the flooring substrate above. Whether out of health considerations, or out of concern for environmental products, consumers are increasingly biased towards environmentally friendly panels made of flooring products. The current market of particle board, medium fibre board and other boards are up to environmental standards, it is difficult to meet the needs of consumers. This requires the development of a system of standard rules to supervise the healthy development of the flooring industry’s low-carbon environmental road.

From the current market point of view, as closely related to the environment of the industry, flooring and other home building materials industry inevitably to become a “low-carbon environmental protection” of the forerunner. The concept of “low-carbon environmental protection” occupies an increasingly high position in the development process of our country’s home, flooring companies should keep pace with the times, in the development process to always pay attention to market changes, the product hotspots and consumer market linkage, and constantly adjust the marketing strategy in order to develop healthily.

Post time: Jul-22-2021