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High Performance Automatic Cutting line

High Performance Automatic Cutting line

Brief Introduction

The Hawk High Performance Auto Cutting Line is combined with HKJ900 Multi Rip Saw, Vacuum Steering Machine and HKC6 Cross Cut saw. The Hawk High Performance Auto Cutting Line is suitable for high-speed, accurate slicing and aligning of large plates, and more suitable for the less thickness material like dryback SPC floor and LVT floor instead of punch machine. The innovative saw blade of the HKJ900 moving out and independent adjusting device realizes the quick replacement of saw blade and the quick conversion of floor specification. The automatic production connection mode can realize the cutting speed of 40 meters per minute and significantly reduce the production cost
The Hawk High Performance Auto Cutting Line:
1. High efficiency, the speed is 15-18 pcs / min.
2.High precision, the straightness of panel controlled within 0.05-0.10mm/m.
3.Separate structure for saw blade and motor, so it can quickly and easily switch various product specifications.
4.Touch screen sets, the servo motor control the movement of saw blade, easy operation, high precision.
5.Cutting mould doesn’t need, it can save cost and settling time.
6.Cut the products which punch press can’t process(Includes specific products caused by thickness, length and hardness).
7.Batch process, less area occupation.
8.Realize automation of continuous product, reduce the number of employment.

Technical Parameter

  HKJ900 HKC6
Spindle motor power 5.5kw 4.0kw
Saw blade motor power 8*5.0kw 3*5.0kw
Saw blade motor speed 2500 - 5200rpm (Frequency conversion) 2500 - 5200rpm (Frequency conversion)
Saw blade spacing adjustment mode Touch screen digital adjustment Touch screen digital adjustment
Saw blade spacing adjustment accuracy ±0.015mm ±0.015mm
Saw blade diameter 300 - 320mm 300 - 320mm
Diameter of hole inside saw blade 140mm 140mm
Saw blade thickness 1.8 - 3mm 1.8 - 3mm
Adjusting range of saw blade lifting -10 - 70mm (Take the working plane as the reference) --
Saw blade lifting adjustment mode Touch screen digital adjustment --
Sawing plate speed 5 - 40m/min (Frequency conversion) 5 - 40m/min (Frequency conversion)
Sawing plate thickness 2 - 20mm 2 - 20mm
Maximum width of saw plate 1350mm 600mm
Saw plate length range 500 - 2400mm 2400mm
Gross weight of equipment ≈5.5T ≈3.5T