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How can high speed machining machines enhance high speed?

High-speed cutting, in order to maintain the basic amount of feed per tooth, with the increase in spindle speed, the feed rate also increased significantly. At present, high-speed cutting feed rate has been as high as 50m/min ~ 120m/min, to achieve and accurately control the feed rate of such a machine tool guide, ball screw, servo system, table structure and other new requirements. Moreover, due to the generally short linear motion stroke on the machine tool, high speed machining machine tools to achieve higher feed acceleration and deceleration to make sense. In order to adapt to the requirements of high-speed feed movement, high-speed machining machines are mainly used in the following measures:

     (1) in order to minimize the weight of the table but without loss of rigidity, high-speed feed mechanism usually uses carbon fiber reinforced composite materials;

     (2) high-speed feed servo system has been developed for digital, intelligent and software, high-speed cutting machine tools have begun to use all-digital AC servo motor and control technology;

     (3) high-speed feed mechanism using small pitch large size high quality ball screw or coarse pitch multi-head ball screw, the purpose is to obtain a higher feed speed and feed acceleration and deceleration without reducing the accuracy of the premise;

     (4) the use of new linear rolling guide, linear rolling guide in the ball bearing and steel guide between the contact area is very small, its friction coefficient is only about 1/ 20 of the slotted guide, and the use of linear rolling guide, “crawl” phenomenon can be greatly reduced;

     (5) in order to improve the feed speed, more advanced, more high-speed linear motor has been developed. Linear motor eliminates the mechanical drive system clearance, elastic deformation and other problems, reducing the transmission friction, almost no backlash. Linear motors have high acceleration and deceleration characteristics, acceleration up to 2g, 10 to 20 times for the traditional drive, feed rate for the traditional 4 to 5 times, the use of linear motor drive, with a unit area of thrust, easy to produce high-speed movement, mechanical structure does not require maintenance and other obvious advantages.

Post time: Jul-22-2021