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Talking about the superiority of PVC flooring

PVC flooring is a very popular new light body flooring decorative material in the world today, also known as “light body flooring material”, is a popular product in Europe, the United States and Asia, since the early 1980s began to enter the Chinese market, in China’s large and medium-sized cities have been widely recognized, such as indoor homes, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, commercial, sports venues, etc.. sports stadiums, etc.

PVC flooring has excellent characteristics such as moisture-proof, mould-proof, water-proof, wear-resistant, etc. It is not easy to age and indoor deformation. PVC flooring surface is processed with high technology into a special transparent wear-resistant layer, whose wear resistance rotates up to 300,000 rpm, while the wear resistance rotation of enhanced wood flooring is only 13,000 rpm. It also has a good sound-absorbing and noise-reducing effect, with sound absorption of up to 20 dB, so the use of PVC flooring in quiet environments such as wards, libraries, lecture halls and theatres can avoid the sound of high heels and ground pounding. In addition, PVC flooring has various woodworking properties, good nail grip and can be drilled, sawn, nailed, planed and glued. Its installation and construction is very fast, no need to do keel frame, good ground conditions, with special environmentally friendly adhesive bonding, 24 hours after use. pvc floor surface wear layer has a special anti-slip performance, compared with ordinary ground materials, in the case of water more astringent feet more difficult to slip.

Currently popular is imitation wood flooring and imitation marble flooring, imitation wood texture with wood flooring detailed texture and natural fresh feeling, the process is more sophisticated, even with antique wood flooring simple natural meaning; imitation marble texture with natural rich natural stone texture, in the visual effect and foot feeling similar to solid wood flooring, marble. In addition, as PVC materials can be cut at will with a good art knife, while breaking through the material limits of ordinary flooring, can be spliced with different colours, so that people give full play to creativity, to meet the individual needs of different decorative styles, to achieve the decorative effect of other floors difficult to achieve. With personalised cutting and creativity, the living space becomes more individual and artistic.

Post time: Jul-22-2021